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Good idea. Made it mouse/touchscreen controlled now. And Left-Mouse-Button / Tap = FIre.  Got rid of the GUI controls. Added music.

The next steps will be creating islands with runways, tanks, pillboxes, ships and water. Thanks for being patient.

Forgot about how fun this little game is. It wants to be a complete finished game in the future. Aiming for 1 year of development in 2022. Just started working on this project again because of all of your interest in it.

Can you make it mouse controlled? like the plane goes where you drag your cursor

Add more stuff pls


Yes. Concepting random levels with tanks, battleships, bombs, islands, balloons, windmills, barns, etc for production pipeline. Hopefully sooner than later this year. Thank you for your support.


game was old didn't think you would reply.

Added enemy tanks to shoot.

thanks will try them out

Added battleships to bomb, islands, ocean, mountains, skies, and more detail. Next will be artillery and pillboxes. Looks good.